Sizing and fit

At Fi Graham London, we want you to feel at your most comfortable when wearing your hat or headpiece. 

Wearing a statement piece on your head also helps to exude confidence so whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice wearer of hats and headpieces, one of the most important things is to have your hat or headpiece fitting your head perfectly and properly!

Please take a look at our sizing guide below.

Universal Size

Also known as one size. Pieces such as headdresses and beanos are designed to fit all head sizes. 

They are usually secured to the head with a slim headband which can also be gently bent either in or out, depending on the person’s head shape, ensuring a perfect fit for the wearer. 

A hat elastic which sits at the back of your head underneath your hair may be added for extra stability. A comb may also be necessary for certain styles too.

Some pieces may be secured to the head with wire claw feet, which like the headbands, can be gently bent to ensure the perfect comfortable fit. 

All headbands, elastics and claw feet are coloured to match the wearer’s hair. 

Made to Measure

Some styles such as hats and pillboxes do require an accurate head measurement.

If you are attending a bespoke appointment, Fi will measure your head for you. If however, you are unable to meet Fi directly then you can send your head measurements to us via email.

To measure your head circumference, place the tip of a soft tape measure in the centre of your forehead and run the tape measure straight around your head, making sure that it is sitting just above your ears and around the most bulbous part at the back of your head. Bring it right around until you meet the tip of the tape measure again and that will be your head circumference. 

You can measure in either centimetres or inches. 

Some pillboxes that sit to the back of the head, will need a slightly different measurement of your head. Please contact Fi directly if this is a style you would like to commission.